From Darkness to LIFE!

The Progressive Realization of My Idea, and Life.

Hello world!

I feel life’s problems can be solved if we would just take the time to slow down and gather all the tools that are available. Even if you have to borrow some!


2009/08/14 - Posted by | Life


  1. Today has been a good day. As I sit here and reflect upon my current situation, two broken ankles. I am constantly reminded of how beautiful life is, and all of it’s splendor.

    I know that it is human nature to focus on the trials and hardships of life, but that does not you far. I have heard many people say that it does not help to complain, but I say other wise. When you get tired of hearing yourself complain, you will do something about it. Positive or negative!
    There is so much potential for greatness. When individuals allow themselves to be touched by the hand of Divinity.

    Comment by Ivy Butler | 2009/08/15 | Reply

  2. Hi Ivy.

    Thanks for your comment at my blog site. That was really helpful to me. My son came home today and we had to work through his credit card statement. He cried. I wanted to cry. My husband sat down and told me how great it is that I am doing this. That Jon will always remember what he is learning now and will make a lot less mistakes in the future. I think he is right.


    Comment by Justine Tobin | 2009/08/16 | Reply

    • I feel that you are a wonderful example of how responsible parents should help their children move on to their next phase of life with regards to the realities of money responsibility. I wish that my parents would have been able to teach me, but they did not know either. I am now learning about courses that can help me, and my children. I have wasted a lot of money in my 45 years. As someones son, I appreciate your love for your son and how you are striving to teach him.

      Thank you,

      Comment by Ivy Butler | 2009/08/17 | Reply

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