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The Progressive Realization of My Idea, and Life.

Does attitude matter?

I feel our attitude matters more than anything else. You can’t be happy with a negative attitude. You can’t find peace in a negative state of mind. You can’t accept responsibility for negativity.

As I sat thinking before I made this post, my thoughts were on how my presence affects not only my family, but everyone else. Do people say, oh great here comes Ivy! Do I present the persona of the character from the Flintstones of Bad Luck Schleprock. No one wants to be around, involved, or in acquaintance with a person with a bad attitude!

I say all of this because situations are not always in our favor, and some use the excuse that the situation or event caused the reaction. That is not fair to the recipient.

When I broke both of my ankles in June I could not work , and I still can not walk. I never blamed God, my family since it was their idea to play, or myself. It was a bad accident that shattered our moment of family bonding. Throughout this journey I have exhibited a positive attitude and I feel it shows in how my wife and kids help me. 

My wife had to search for a job after being out of the work scene for some 15 years. She is still trying to adjust. She has her good days, but in spite of this ordeal. She is prevailing and conquering the mountain that stands in her way. She has created I am pleased with my wife’s attitude and support her on her journey.

Attitudes can and will make you or break you!


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