From Darkness to LIFE!

The Progressive Realization of My Idea, and Life.

A Journey!

Today is another day of my tomorrows! I constantly reflect upon the happenings of life. The good, the unmerciful, and all of the beautiful flowers that I have not yet smelled. I often ponder many of the wonders of life. Life has meaning, and it has purpose. Our capabilities are enormous. Our potential is grandiose. If and only if we can conquer self! Self has the potential to squash any and all dreams before that can even start, and why does that happened? I don’t feel some of us know who we are! It is easy to think, but it not so easy to know.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough, but first things first. There is today! I awoke from my sleep from a bed in a house. The lights came on. There was food to eat. I had close to wear. This blessing was not enjoyed by someone! A sad reality. I still have two broken ankles, and confined to an air conditioned room, sitting in a comfortable chair, computer, television, and all of my senses! Today I begin searching for a means of income to help my wife with our daily expenses. Can I do it? You betcha! Is it difficult? Absolutely! I don’t have a clue of the who, what, or where, but my wife needs my help and I intend to find a way.

I wonder what would happen if everyone were to sit down and put together a list of goals. Break those goals down daily, weekly, monthly, every ninety days, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc.? There would probably be a lot of happy individuals on the earth. I wish someone would have helped me learn that principle prior to now. 

What will happen to me tomorrow? I don’t know! It is only 1:15 pm Monday. I still have a ways to go. Without a plan of action it will be as today, and that is the area of my journeys that I want and need to change.


2009/08/17 - Posted by | Life

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