From Darkness to LIFE!

The Progressive Realization of My Idea, and Life.


I try to always reflect upon the positives of each and everyday of my life, but I am constantly reminded about the sorrows of so many by the hands of evil and thoughtless people. People that pray on the defenseless and the innocent, and further the plan of human destruction in these latter days. So many that profess to be christians, but humanity is being trampled by so much evil. It is not always easy to be cheerful when your neighbor is struggling with a loss, or hundreds of people are being exterminated, but you have to continue to count your blessings one by one to see what the Lord has done!

Where is the positive point of the message you asks?  Protect your neighborhood by being an active member of your neighborhood. Acknowledge your neighbor with a smile and a wave. Do unto others as you would want it done unto you! Everyone knows someone that needs a helping hand. Be that hand.

No one can survive alone! Someone else made the computer that is in front of you. Someone else made the tools for farming. Created the technology that we take advantage of for our gain. I am sure you could think of something that is available to you that you did not create or produce. Thank another! I thank all of those past. present, and future for their contributions that make life comfortable for me and my family.

Some give a little. Some give a lot. Some have given their all even their life! So whatever station of life that you are in give something!


2009/08/18 - Posted by | Life |

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  1. Love God and love your neighbor right? – and if we all did, imagine that. ; ) Great post, great blog. I love your thoughts on the interdependency of humanity – “No one can survive alone!” i don’t think we were meant to either.

    Comment by alaskanott | 2010/05/27 | Reply

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