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Daddy-Man Sits!

I think my family is starting to get tired of having to wait on me, due to my accident. I hear it in their voices. Yes dad! What do you need dad! I see it on their faces. I hear it in my wife’s voice. I think I have become a burden on them!

June 12th of this year Daddy-Man at, broke both of his ankles jumping off the roof while playing hide and seek with my wife and kids. The funny but sad part is that they had called it an evening, but I felt after running after them all evening they should have to find me. My wife said that they heard me on the roof and that is how they found me. If any of you have played hide and seek. You know that if you get to base first you win. So I hurridly jump down,and the atmosphere of the game changed. When I hit that ground it was pain immediatly. My wife said that as I was kneeling in pain my son came and tagged me and said, get up Dad. They all laughed except me. I had to crawl into the house. I thought it was just a severe strain. I felt so much love from my wife and kids that evening. I hope those of you reading this have received that kind od love. If not find away. It is beautiful. I found out the next day how bad it was. Cast for 3 months. Daddy-Man had lost all of his powers with one jump!

Though it was a just a bad accident, I have caused my family a lot of stress and hardships. I have gone from Daddy-Man the family super hero, providing for their needs and taking care of them. To watching my wife have to find a job after being out of the work scene for some 15 years trying to provide for us. I used to visit schools trying to mentor our youth. Hoping to motivate them to seek positive paths and goals for their futures. Now I am Daddy-Man crawling on my hands knees throughout my house, because the wheelchair is to wide and my room has steps. I don’t really know how my family feels about me in this state of being, and I don’t think they would share their real feelings. I sometimes wonder if they feel embarressed when I appear when company shows up. My wife now calls me wheels!

I stay in my room a lot, because I don’t want to hender the healing process, or make it longer than necessaery. My wife revealed to me that I am going to need physical therapy to learn to walk again, and that’s when the real impact hit. The burdens that I have placed on my wife and kids. It really must be hard for them, because it is now hard for me to thinking of them.

This room has become my self imposed dungeon. I sit with a remote and base my schedule around The Discovery Channel and The History Channel. I have recently added the FX channel and Dr. G. Medical Examiner. Doctor G. is an amazing medical examiner when it comes to discovery a persons true cause of death. My favorites are 6 hours of OverHaulin with Chip Fosse on Wendsdays, The Discovery Channel, and 3 hours of Ice Road Truckers on Sundays, The History Channel with reruns on Wensday. I have watched Chip Fosse turn cars that you know should be in a scrap heap into to a showroom thing of beauty. I have to physically close my mouth sometimes when the finished car is revealed. It leaves you stunned. Those men and women are so talented. I try to imagine what my suburban would look like after it had been Fossed! It’s on now. A 1964 Chevy Impala it is in bad shape.

I drove trucks for 6 1/2 years so my love for trucking still burns deep. Watching those drivers navigate the ice roads of Alaska are nothing short of pure talent. My favorite drivers are Jake Jesse “The Dalton Ace”, and Lisa Kelly, “The Tomboy”. Being a former over the road trucker allows me some sense of what they are up against. To me it is like fishing in the Bering Straits of Alaska for crabs. VERY GOOD MONEY, intersting to watch, but not for me.

I only get to go outside once a week to go to church, because I don’t want my cast to itch me out of my mind. I did sneak out a couple of times onto the carport the first week of the accident and my wife let me have. Big mistake! My kids came outside with stern looks on their faces and wheeled my behind right back into my room as to say, stay put or else. Donna reminded me that  sweat in cast equals itching.

Michael and Elle come watch televison with me sometimes. We watched the first Xmen on FX last night. We also watched Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. That was an amazing series. I now help my little ones with homework since my wife is now working, and I really enjoy it. I am grooming Elle to be a spelling Bee whiz. All Micheal say is “I want Mom”. that son of mine is funny.

My family continues to help me on my journey to recovery. I miss wearing my suit! I miss my alter ego! Daddy-Man is me, and I miss being me.



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  1. My dearest husband,

    You are not a burden to us…you never will be a burden to us. We are family and we stick together. You had an accident playing with our family…how many men do that??? I am never embarrassed when you come into the room when company is over. I ENCOURAGE YOU to come out and join us..It is great when you come out.

    Never forget that I married you for better or worse, for richer or poorer…we have been through a lifetime of challenges and this is yet another. We can’t give up on our family or each other..the best is yet to come.

    Work is hard…I am tired, but I am doing what is necessary to keep us in a home and to do all that I can to help us stay afloat. I do not resent you, though I do get angry sometimes with our situation, but as I said in my blog the other day LOVE CONQUERS ALL. I love you with all of my heart and what has happened may affect a lot of things, but it will never change the love I have for you and our family.

    Sleep well…you will always be my HERO!

    Donna M. (Happy to be your wife) Butler

    Comment by Donna M. Butler | 2009/08/20 | Reply

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