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A Childs Bitter Remarks!

I just read a comment on Facebook from a dear friend, about a comment that their child made to both her and her husband. The comment was that the child said that he hated his parents and wished they were dead, and he is only 7. Regardless how this came to be, I don’t feel that statement should ever be made to a mother. Considering that child was carried for months through pain and suffering of mind, body, and soul by its mother. One might say it is deserved or brought it on themselves, or any other excuse. The fact remains this should never come out of a childs mouth to their parents!

That is not healthy behavior, and could possibly lead to other acts of defiance to both parents and to others of society. Children are bringing harm to their parents everyday, and have been for years.  I have never had my children make comments to my face such as that, and I don’t entertain any attitudes that would lead up to those situations.

I guess I am from the old school. You just did not make comments relating to that in any way shape or form without suffering the consequences of that action.

My son use to slap my wife when he was still a toddler and I told her not to let him do that. Her comment was if you hit. Then he would learn to hit also. Well he hit me when she was not around. Before he knew what happened, I gave him three quick pops on his legs and he never hit anyone else again. I feel a child can be chastised without being physical at times, but there are times when shock treatment is necessary. I wonder how many imprisonments could have been avoided by currect discipline. Notice I said CORRECT discipline. The dicipline has to properly fit the actions of the child.

I repeat my original statement. No child is justified in vocally expressing their hate to their mother!


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  1. You are so right. This is our job as a father. Our kids don’t need us to be their friend, they need us to be their father. To teach them, correct them, love them. And if we do it well, we get to be their friends as well.

    I really like your blog and what you write about. If you want to add links to each others blogroll let me know. It seems we have similar interests and our readers might too.


    Comment by Ken Kendall | 2009/10/01 | Reply

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