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It is Now Time to Succeed!

I made a commitment to myself exactly one week ago today. I said that when I awoke on Friday August 21, 2009 that I was going start that day securing my financial future. In one week I have progressed far more than I ever thought. I had always had a positive attitude, but I had never made up my mind to really start making a plan. Sure we all say what we are going to do, but never start a viable plan. It has been said that you should never stop learning. Well for so many years I had stopped learning, and that is why I have been stuck in my downward financial situation. I always believed that I could accomplish the task, but deep down I did not know how.


I have learned that 96% of the world’s population does not know how to earn money, and I am one of those people. Sure we know how to go to work, but that is not earning money. That is working for money, or trading time for money. So I have begun to change my way of thinking so I can learn this process. The process requires reading, studying, and sincere action. I do not want to have to worry about if I will be able to pay my bills on time anymore. I do not want to worry about if I can provide for my families basic necessities, food, clothing, and transportation. My wife started her new job this week and had to walk to work because we had no money to make the repairs to our vehicle. That was an extremely sad day for me.


Yes I still have two broken ankles and can not walk, but I have a mind that works, and opportunities for change. I feel that change requires a plan, and a plan requires action, and a dedication to success. It is now time for success, by January 1, 2009!

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